markAbout symArt

“symArt” is a non-profit organization (NPO) to plan and manage an exhibition in Japan and overseas. Since Yoshio Nitta, the organizer of symArt, felt different art climate in abroad, Yoshio Nitta would like other Japanese artists to increase awareness of the power of art through similar experiences. The three objectives of symArt are to create opportunities for improvement in the presently stifling art climate in Japan, to develop artists who will create opportunities like these and to offer overseas artists a chance to present their works in Japan. Not only does symArt plan and manage an exhibition in Japan and overseas, but gives participating artists opportunities to know local culture and environment. Artists thus can present their works in an exhibition subject to visit to a gallery.
In 2012, symArt held “Japan and Australia Exchange Sculpture Exhibition” with Gomboc Gallery. Hounen-in, Zuiun-an and Kaede gallery are all involved with the project. It is sincerely to be hoped that this exhibition will provide a deep impression for artists, visitors and staffs, and can lead to next opportunity.

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Artist Talk  July 11,2012